More About Me

Having already provided a brief introduction, here is more detailed information about me, Chris Davis. About where I came from, what happened and where I am now, from the personal to the professional including my marriage, wife and kids.

Early life

I was born in Newcastle under Lyme in the North East of England is 1974. Our family moved to London when I was only three years old and there we used to spend weekends touring the capitals free museums. My favourite being the Natural History Museum where I would attempt to impress, all within earshot of my knowledge of velociraptors (did you know they hunt in packs?) which was completely unprompted and annoying, like a lot of 10 year old kids.


marriageI met my future wife Ella whilst shadowing journalists at the Eastern Daily Press in Norwich, when I was a student at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Ella was learning her trade on the front desk, foregoing University to start her career in the practice of journalism. My wife is the kindest, gentlest soul I know and has the heart of a lioness. I always knew this was the woman I must marry.

Ella and I moved from Norwich to Dorset to settle into a life in which we planned marriage and kids. We bought a home and spent evenings and weekends getting it how we wanted.

Ella became my wife in a civil wedding ceremony in June 2004 at our local Town Hall registry office. We were staying with friends at their apartment close to the Town Hall the night before, so started our own wedding march from this friend’s apartment to the Town Hall. The neighbours saw us, and for some reason started to follow. We were incredibly loud and laughing the entire time, it was great fun, though we packed out the registry office, which was a bit of a surprise to the officiant, since we had not included accurate number of guests in the detailed information we had been asked to provide.

We held our reception at The Grange at Oborne, a beautiful, three-star country house hotel, set within the rolling hills of West Dorset, just one mile from the charming town of Sherborne and close to where we now live. It was slightly unfortunate that our booked DJ had been dumped the night before so the play-list was mostly break-up songs! Despite several requests, it was only when Louise, Ella’s maid of honour, took control of the deck that the dancing really took off.


Park Hyatt GoaAfter our marriage, my wife and I honeymooned in Goa. We stayed a week at the Park Hyatt Goa, a 5-star luxury beach resorts with acres of landscaped gardens and Indo-Portuguese style rooms. It was idyllic and fun. Our biggest surprise of the honeymoon is that Ella became pregnant.

Thankfully, we didn’t look at the wedding gifts until after our honeymoon since we ended up with a couple of weird gifts including a “chip and dip” bowl in neon green in the shape of a flip-flop. The straps of the flip-flop formed separate little compartments for dip and chips. We were lucky to get gifts from our registry, including ‘Guitar Hero’ that I had sneaked onto the list when Ella wasn’t looking.


kidsOur honeymoon baby Chris Davis Jnr. was born in 2005 and Chloe followed two years later. Our kids have a great sense of fun and love playing with words, just like their parents.


I have always had a passion for writing. In High School I started submitting articles to the school magazine and in my final year was the editor of the school magazine ‘Youth Central’.

I continued to hone my journalism skills at UEA’s university magazine and shadowing at the Eastern Daily Press newspaper. After graduation I began work as an accountant and writing remained a hobby. Today, one of my dreams is to manage my own online magazine (the Chris Davis ‘Britespite’) incorporating an eclectic mix of articles from writers both at home and abroad, providing not just the written word, but photo-journalism too, giving detailed information on subjects that I hope will entertain as well as inform.